Sawa Method Online Course


Sawa Method Advisor is equivalent to 
Seiri-Shuno Advisor Level 2

  • You can attend the seminar at your home.
  • This is an English version of the Seiri-Shuno Advisor Level 2 which is the most popular organizing course in Japan.
  • We will issue the certificate for the course.
  • We will take a short break during an online seminar to make sure that participants do not feel too tired.  



 Section 1  Basic Theory

—  Benefits of Sorting

—  Sorting Stages

—  The Relationship between People and Items

—  The Four Basic Relationship Zones

—  Hidden Factors Preventing Sorting / Seiri

Section 2  Practical Use

—  The 5 Practical Tips for Successful Organizing

Section 3  Case Study

—  Using The 5 Practical Tips for Successful Organizing

—  The Basics for Storage

Section 4  Exercise

—  Organizing a Shoe Closet based on the Organizing Steps

—  Closet Organization Exercise



[Schedule in June]

  •  June 6 (Saturday)   10:00 - 12:30   13:30 - 16:00  (Japan Standard Time)  1 day


     ↑ We have closed the registration for this online course since we have already reached the maximum number of participants.  

  •  June 19 (Friday) & June 20 (Saturday)   19:30 - 22:00  (Japan Standard Time)  2.5 hours X 2 days

  •  June 28 (Sunday)   10:00 - 12:30   13:30 - 16:00  (Japan Standard Time)  1 day

[Course Fees]  

44,000 Japanese yen


[Frequently Asked Questions]

Q Can I receive a certificate?

A Yes. After taking this course and passing the review test, you will receive the “Sawa Method Advisor” certificate.


The Housekeeping Association will send you a plastic certification card.


Q→Will the seminar push through if there is only one participant?

A→ No. If there are less than 2 registered participants, the seminar will be cancelled.

The minimum number of participants for the seminar to proceed is 2. If there are less than 2 registered participants, the seminar will be cancelled.


The Housekeeping Association will get in touch with you five days before the scheduled date of the seminar to inform you of the cancellation.

We offer the Sawa Method Online Seminar regularly.  The schedule is posted on the homepage. Kindly check the dates for your availability.

If a participant decides to cancel his/her participation in the seminar, a cancellation fee of 2000 yen will be deducted from the seminar fee refund.


 What is the difference between the Seiri-Shuno Advisor Level 2 and the Sawa Method Online Course?

 The contents are the same as the Japanese ones.  

We added several works called “Sharing Time” to make the seminar more interactive.  In advantage of taking the course from home, participants do some works in addition to three exercises.  

They have an opportunity of thinking about why they have certain things.  It will be fun for them to share their thoughts on their own items and some of their experiences regarding their possessions.


 What is the purpose of this course?  What can I do after taking this course?

 More than 120,000 people have taken this course in Japan.  Many participants find why they fail to tidy up their home by learning the Organizing / Seiri-Shuno theory.  

This is for organizing their own home and office.


[Important Notice]

  • The Internet environment is required for the online seminar
  • Please be aware that the packet communication cost should be paid by participants.
  •  We will connect the line 10 minutes before the online seminar starts for participants who would like to confirm the connection beforehand.
  •  We will send the seminar materials by attachment beforehand. Please print out the materials in advance if you would like to take notes at the seminar. 

[Items to prepare]

  • Computer which microphone, speaker, and camera are installed or tablet
  • Notebook or paper and pen/pencil


[How to attend the seminar by using Zoom]

First-time user

Please click the invited URL that the organizer or instructor send to you. The Zoom application will be downloaded.

Once you click the downloaded file, the Zoom application will be installed.

Please click the button saying, “Attend the audio by computer”.


Non-first time users

If you have used Zoom before, the Zoom application has been installed.

Please click the invited URL which the organizer or instructor send to you.

You can attend the online seminar by clicking “Open Zoom Meeting”.