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About Housekeeping Association

We conduct activities aimed at raising social recognition of the value of housework. 


1. Training Housekeeping Coordinators, who assist with coordination and maintenance of a comfortable and clean home environment, as well as offer advice, mainly in the area of cleaning.


2. Training Professional Seiri-Shuno Advisors, who provide advice on organizing in homes and small businesses.


3. Helping Housekeeping Coordinators, Professional Seiri-Shuno Advisors, and Seiri-Shuno Consultants find job opportunities. (Housekeeping services, instructors, etc.)


4. Setting professional standards for housework, conducting examinations and issuing certifications.



Establishment of Housekeeping Association                    

We established a NPO, Housekeeping Association, in 2003.  The Association provides people with the training to develop skilled Housekeeping Coordinators or Professional Seiri-Shuno Advisors. 


 Establishment of the NPO

Despite the importance of housework to daily life, its value is not easy to assess, and it has traditionally been undervalued.  We believe we can increase the status of homemakers by creating public awareness of the importance of housework as a highly and fairly valued job.  In reality, we need to elevate housework into a publicly recognized profession, not just domestic housework, through increasing the level of homemakers’ knowledge, technique and quality of housework.

In order to achieve our goal, it is important to develop training programs of housekeeping skills, and create certifications to fairly assess housework skills and job opportunities for the skilled people.


 We established an NPO, Housekeeping Association, hoping that our efforts to provide specialized training in housekeeping, and develop housekeeping services and job opportunities would lead to greater recognition of the economic value of housework, and higher appraisal of homemaker’s housework.


★ Seiri-Shuno = Organizing      Seiri = Sorting      Shuno=Storing