Sawa Method Advisor Course


Sawa Method Advisor is equivalent to 
Seiri-Shuno Advisor Level 2*.

*Level 2 = 整理収納アドバイザー2

  • You can attend the seminar at your home.
  • This is an English version of the Seiri-Shuno Advisor Level 2, the most popular organizing course in Japan.
  • We will issue the certificate for the course.
  • We will take a short break during an online seminar to ensure that participants do not feel too tired.  



 Section 1  Basic Theory

—  Benefits of Sorting

—  Sorting Stages

—  The Relationship between People and Items

—  The Four Basic Relationship Zones

—  Hidden Factors Preventing Sorting / Seiri

Section 2  Practical Use

—  The 5 Practical Tips for Successful Organizing

Section 3  Case Study

—  Using The 5 Practical Tips for Successful Organizing

—  The Basics for Storage

Section 4  Exercise

—  Organizing a Shoe Closet based on the Organizing Steps

—  Closet Organization Exercise



  • Your request date * 

Requesting for the course schedule

English skills vary among people.  So, both a group session and a one-on-one session are available.  The instructor can arrange the schedule for you.


Please list three possible dates.  The Housekeeping Association will let you know which of these dates is possible by email.

[Course Fees]  

44,000 Japanese yen for each participant

*The Housekeeping Association is going to raise the price of the seminar fee next April.



Atsuko Hasegawa → Profile (click)


l  Academia Master, part of the first batch of graduates in 2015
l  Seiri-Shuno Consultant (2013)
l  Seiri-Shuno Certified Instructor (2013)

[Frequently Asked Questions]

Q Can I receive a certificate?

A Yes. After taking this course and passing the review test, you will receive the “Sawa Method Advisor” certificate.


The Housekeeping Association will send you a plastic certification card.


 What is the difference between the Seiri-Shuno Advisor Level 2 and the Sawa Method Advisor Course?

 The contents are the same as the Japanese ones.  

We added several works called “Sharing Time” to make the seminar more interactive.  In advantage of taking the course from home, participants do some works in addition to three exercises.  

They have an opportunity of thinking about why they have certain things.  It will be fun for them to share their thoughts on their own items and some of their experiences regarding their possessions.



 Please tell me about an advanced course followed by the Sawa Method Advisor Course.

A→ We have the Seiri-Shuno Advisor Level 1 course to be a professional “Seiri-Shuno” advisor followed by the Level 2 or the Sawa Method Advisor Course.


So far, we only conduct the Seiri-Shuno Advisor Level 1 Course in Japanese with a Chinese translator.  The person who has  the “Sawa Method Advisor” certificate can take the Level 1 Course in Japan.

Due to COVID-19, we canceled the course in 2020 and 2021.


Comments / feedback from participants

  • I noticed the importance of sorting.  I realized why I always failed to tidy up.
  • It was fun.  I want more people to learn this method so that our lives would improve a lot.
  • I would like to teach this method to people who have trouble organizing their home.
  • I understood why I couldn’t discard things.
  • I could learn organizing methods systematically.  
  • Time flew as I was taking the course.