Training / Certification


With the cultivation of talents with advanced housekeeping skills, we certify such talents as specialists in their respective areas, and dispatch them to their appropriate assignments.


  Seiri-Shuno Advisor

A Seiri-Shuno Advisor is equipped with a wide range of knowledge and know-hows on organizing. Empowered with such skills, besides giving concrete advice and training for organizing homes, the Advisor may also be invited as an instructor at seminars hosted by the community or groups. The Advisor enlightens others about a pleasant life stemming from organizing.


  Seiri-Shuno Consultant

Besides giving advice on how to improve the method of organizing, the Consultant probes for reasons behind the clutter, such as the client’s lifestyle or the layout of the client’s home. Even human factors such as personality and way of thinking could be considered. Exerting advanced communication skills, the Consultant raises the client’s awareness, and contributes to solving fundamental issues while guiding the client to the appropriate solutions.



A Cleanist is a qualification, which shares with others the method and skills to keep a living area clean, and actually uses such skills. By learning the secret of internalizing the stress-free “Cleaning Habits” in everyday life, a Cleanist acquires skills ranging from basic cleaning to professional know-hows. A Cleanist provides a pleasant living environment through housekeeping services or by speaking at seminars.


Certification for individualized professional qualifications

We have established levels of housekeeping skills, from a professional perspective, which had been difficult to evaluate objectively until now. There are courses such as fundamental housekeeping skills (Basic), courses for those aiming to be professionals (Advance), and specialized courses with combined skills from other fields (Specialists).



Seiri-Shuno Advisor Level 2 and Level 3


Seiri-Shuno Sawa Method (For English Speakers)



Seiri-Shuno Advisor Level 1

Seiri-Shuno Consultant

Certified Instructor for Seiri-Shuno Advisor Level 2

Seiri-Shuno Academia Master



Seiri-Shuno Educator

Seiri-Shuno Basic Coach

Home Organizing Specialist

Corporate Organizing Manager

Storage Environment Planner

Seiri-Shuno Advisor BAV (Business Assist Version)

Seiri-Shuno Services - Career Certification System (CCS)