We offer various certification courses.

★ Seiri-Shuno = Organizing      Seiri = Sorting      Shuno=Storing


Seiri-Shuno Advisor Level 1 (= Professional Organizing Advisor)

This certification is necessary to work as a professional organizing advisor. The knowledge and skills you will acquire can be used in a wide range of jobs.

Essential prerequisite: Seiri-Shuno Advisor Level 2 certification


Seiri-Shuno Advisor Level 2 (= Organizing Advisor)

By learning the basic rules of organizing your home or office, you'll improve your organizational skills and will be able to create your ideal home or office environment.

This course is an essential prerequisite for Seiri-Shuno Advisor Level 1.


Seiri-Shuno Consultant (= Professional Organizing Consultant)

This is the high-level certification for Professional Organizing Advisors. This course is focused on practical skills such as communication with customers and customer care as a Professional Organizing Advisor.

Essential prerequisite: Seiri-Shuno Advisor Level 1 certification


Seiri-Shuno Instructor (= Professional Organizing Instructor)

This is the high-level certification for Professional Organizing Advisors. This certification will allow you to provide the "Seiri-Shuno Advisor Level 2" course. This course will also help you become a professional communicator of organizational skills.

Essential prerequisite: Seiri-Shuno Advisor Level 1 certification


Seiri-Shuno Educator (= Organizing Educator)

This certification course is designed for people involved in education such as school teachers. You will learn how to teach children organizational skills to develop independence.


Seiri-Shuno Coach (=Organizing Coach)

You can learn the skills to adjust your style of communication as needed, depending on your clients. This is a useful certification and you can apply the mastered skills to workplaces and seminars.


Housekeeping Coordinator

 This certification is designed for the people to acquire professional cleaning knowledge and skills, with a focus on creating a comfortable home environment.


* All courses are available only in Japanese.

     A Seiri-Shuno basic seminar is going to be released soon.