[Atsuko Hasegawa]

I am the Director of the Global Division of Housekeeping Association. Besides speaking at seminars, I am also responsible for developing the English content for the Sawa Method seminar and eLearning course, creating the English website, and cultivating English-speaking instructors.

My detailed profile is as follows:



[Yoko Azuma] 

Sawa Method Certified Instructor, English Team Leader of Global Division of Housekeeping Association

I joined the Global Division in 2016. Since then, I have prepared to introduce our Seiri-Shuno (Organizing) methods in English to foreign countries' people.  
Beside the project, I have corporate experience at global companies.   
Sawa Method is simple, easy and practical. Especially busy people can realize huge benefits.
Let's start comfortable lifestyle!

[Hitomi Kurachi] 

Sawa Method Certified Instructor, Seiri-Shuno Consultant, Certified Tax Accountant, CFP

I have worked at a foreign financial institution for more than 25 years, and now I am working as a Financial Controller in a Japanese company.       

I have lots of achievements in organizing things tidy and in order for not only home, but also companies.


In addition to this, taking advantage of experiences and knowledge as a Certified Tax Accountant and CFP, I am holding a seminar for organizing money and also working as a consultant.


[Chikako Matsuzaki]

I worked for a Japanese airline for 5 years and now I am raising my 3 sons. Since I was not good at organizing, my house was overfilled with things. By applying the Sawa Method, my lifestyle was changed and I could live more comfortably. I am sure this Seiri-Shuno (organizing) method can be life-changing for you also, and I hope to be of support and help in the process.


[Tomomi Iwasa]

I am the Chief Representative of All around us.



All around us” was established to help clients improve their organizational skills, and to increase the enjoyment of their interior space and lifestyle.

During the past 5 years, we have provided Seiri-Shuno (organizing) and interior design services to hundreds of people in Japan. 


As a Global Project Consultant of Housekeeping Association, I look forward to helping you in meeting organizing challenges with the Sawa Method seminar, in English.