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Josephine Kung


Founder of Smart Interior Limited in Hong Kong.


From more than ten years of commercial and residential design experience, Josephine incorporated with the concept of less is more to her special planning design.


By make use of Sawa Organizing Method, Interior design is not just decoration, we can improve the environment with the organizing concepts to personalise our space to create “Better home, better life!”


Let’s together from concept to reality!





B.Ed. (Hons), HKU


Level 1 Seiri-Shuno Advisor, Housekeeping Association


Founder of MINUSfocus ( ;

Author of 《精粹生活的理物哲學》


MINUSfocus help individuals and corporations utilizing space and establishing organizing systems that fit their life goals since 2020.


Our corporate clients include VIctoria Educational Organisation, CTF Education Group, YMCA, BGCA, TWHGs Engage, etc.



MINUS stuff that drains your energy + focus on people and things that makes you smile = live the essence of life!”

Jaques Chong


Started decluttering and organizing journey back in 2019.


Through the journey, I realized the reasons I hoard them. I overcame them and still practicing to reduce meaningless or unwanted stuff from my life.


I found the quality of life through decluttering!


Started in-person consultation in 2021, via both online and offline.


My goal is to help 150 friends find the ideal lifestyle and space they dream about by 2025.



Iris Chan


I took the Sawa Method course in July 2020 and acquired the Seiri-Shuno Advisor Level 1 qualification in February 2022.


When I was a child, my mother asked me to take care of my belongings and put them in order. Since houses in Hong Kong are generally small with limited storage space, I have gradually developed a habit to keep things orderly.


Due to the outbreak of covid-19, I wanted to learn something new and interesting to release stress. I found the Sawa Method online course by chance. The one-day training was not only informative and practical but also interesting and enjoyable. I then decided to take a further step to become a Seiri-Shuno Advisor.


I am happy and satisfied every time after I reorganize an area and share the merits and concept of Sawa Method with my friends and colleagues. I wish I had come across the Sawa Method earlier.


Elaine Liew


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