Seiri-Shuno Sawa Method Basic Seminar


This English Organizing Seminar will teach you

the fundamentals of Seiri-Shuno Advisor theory

which more than 120,000 Japanese have taken.



Seiri-Shuno Sawa Method Basic Seminar Outline


In 3 hours, you will learn:

● Roots of Seiri-Shuno Advisor Theory as well as basic theory

● Organizing skills which you can utilize at home or office


You will be provided with a seminar completion certificate.


Target Audience

Foreign Nationals and Japanese who use English as their primary language of communication either at work or at home.


Suitable for

Foreign babysitters and helpers who would like to gain organizing knowledge as well as those who are interested in the Japanese way of organizing.


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Cancellation Policy

Basically, no refundable.