What is Seiri-Shuno Advisor?


About this certification 

“I am always searching for things at home.”

“Even if I tidy up things, the room gets messy so easily after a while.”

Do these sound familiar?

We, Housekeeping Association, provide you with various certification courses which will give you the skills to find out the reasons your rooms get messy easily and give you the methods to solve the problem.


3  Benefits of gaining certification

By learning Seiri-Shuno Sawa Method, you will get not only tidy rooms but also other various benefits.

Three main benefits you can get are ①saving time (Time Benefit) ②saving money (Economic Benefit) ③keeping mental stability (Mental Benefit).


①   Time Benefit: Once you learn how to organize your room, you can save a lot of searching time as items will have a designated place.

②   Economic Benefit: If things are organized, you tend not to buy the same things again, or you tend not to buy unnecessary things.

③   Mental Benefit: Tidy rooms give you a mental stability, and you will become more positive living in a tidy room.


A more comfortable and affluent life can be gained by learning Sawa Method.  You will also reevaluate your relationship with your belongings and the things you buy.