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Terms regarding the eLearning course and copyrights 


Please note the following when taking the eLearning course

This course is conducted by distributing material via Web-based text and PowerPoint slides.


We recommend using WiFi when viewing the videos with a smartphone. When viewing using a personal computer, connection fees may be charged separately by an internet service provider. Furthermore, when viewing with a mobile phone, package charges may incur (a flat-rate package charge is recommended).  Any package charges will be paid by the client.


Statement on Protection of Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights

This “Seiri-Shuno Sawa Method – Basic Course” carries an obligation for confidentiality.


1) Prohibition of Photocopying, Reproduction and Secondary Distribution

Reproduction or secondary usage of any course material, such as text, vocabulary list or PowerPoint slides, is strictly prohibited. The course material is to be used by the registered client only. (NPO) Housekeeping Association (hereinafter as “Housekeeping Association”) shall take legal actions for “Protection of Intellectual Property rights”.


2) Prohibition of Public Distribution

All eLearning material such as text, vocabulary list and slides must not be used secondarily (photocopying, reproduction or distribution etc.) The material is to be used only by the registered client.


3) Claims for Damages and Liabilities

In the event that any above-mentioned terms are infringed, the amount of damage shall be 10 folds of the sales price multiplied by the number of occurrences, as penalty for breach of contract.  Furthermore, if any course material is distributed publically via the internet, claims for damages and liabilities shall also be paid.


4) Disclaimer

Housekeeping Association shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the usage of the course material, directly or indirectly.  The client shall bear all responsibilities with regards to the usage of course material.


January 15, 2018

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