Sawa Method eLearning Course


This is an eLearning course for the Seiri-Shuno Sawa Method (Seiri-Shuno Advisor level 2 theory), conducted in English.


The Japanese way of organizing is attracting worldwide attention.  Would you like to learn this Seiri-Shuno theory in English and enhance your communication with others internationally?


We have designed this eLearning course so that the material can be used as an English language course in and of itself. With repetition, you can improve your vocabulary and listening skill.


Since the course is easily accessible via personal computers, smartphones or tablets, you can proceed with the course by leveraging your down time.



[Chapter 1]  How was the Concept of Seiri-Shuno Advisor Developed?
[Chapter 2]  What is Seir-Shuno?
[Chapter 3]  Sorting Levels
[Chapter 4]  The Relationship between People and Items
[Chapter 5]  The Problem of Ever Increasing Possessions
[Chapter 6]  The 5 Practical Tips for Successful Organizing
[Chapter 7]  The 8 Necessary Organizing Steps
[Chapter 8]  The Basics of Storage


Course Fees

JPY 9,900 yen 

Course Format

On-line learning

personal computers, smartphones,
and tablets compatible

learning time

13 hours for each chapter

Validation period
for learning

6 months


All are welcome.

This is a non-certification course.