Course Contents


1. Text
On a personal computer, by left-clicking on the brown-colored English word/phrase where the cursor is, the Japanese meaning of the word appears. When using tablets or smartphones, the Japanese meaning appears by touching the word.  

Although the words/phrases may have multiple meanings, the appropriate Japanese words in context are selected.

Therefore, even without a dictionary, the English text can be read.



2. Vocabulary List
Please utilize the vocabulary list when you want to preview or review the words or phrases.  This is also useful for learning English.



3. Tool

Slides presented at the actual seminars are utilized to explain the theory and concepts for each chapter. There are 14 captivating videos, each lasting 25 minutes, available for viewing.



Since native English speakers narrate the videos, your listening skill will improve as you become accustomed to the natural speed of spoken English. 


4. Quiz
True or False quizzes (5 questions each) are conducted after each chapter to ascertain comprehension.